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View 75 Distance/Correspondence MBA in Retail colleges in India. It is concerned with the latest concepts and practices regarding functional areas of … Pursuing an Executive MBA can be a pivotal decision in your career. Her Retail MBA contains all the secrets she has learned from years in the retail business. ), “I’d like to thank you for putting together such a detailed, easy to follow program. It was the first talk of the Spring quarter series and it was a great hit. 5 Steps to Start a Lead Generation Business (Local is Key Here’s Why), Top 6 Best Amazon FBA Courses, Unbiased Review [2020 Update], 10 Best Dropshipping eCommerce Courses of 2020 (Unbiased), 11 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses 2020 (In-Depth Breakdown), Dropshipping Case Study: Selling Shark Onesies $48K in 30 Days, Enneagram in Business + Using Birthdate to Find Your Personality Type, local lead generation with free organic traffic. Thank you very much!”, “I really feel that you love what you do and that you are genuine in wanting us to succeed with our product. If you have any kind of product you intend to sell to a lot of people, YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT KAREN WAKSMAN! We just want to congratulate and spotlight our Rocco & Roxie Co. client. Thanks Karen! … See MoreSee Less, Pitching Retail Buyers – How to Get Your Product in Stores, Congrats to our Leah Cupps Client – They Got Their Products into BuyBuyBaby. They said things like, “ wow, she was great, where did you find her” and “this has been a very informative meeting, Karen was fantastic”. Get all the information you need on How to Sell Your Products to Big Box Retail Chains like Wal-Mart, Home Depot and more. Having heard rave reviews about her work, we hired Karen to conduct a webinar series for our members – her sessions turned out to be among the highest rated and best attended by our audience. … See MoreSee Less, Ace Hardware Vendor – How to Become an Ace Hardware Vendor – Retail MBA | Karen Waksman, Pitching Retail Buyers – 5 Things to Think About When You’re Pitching a Retail Chain Store Your Product! With this knowledge I now see product possibilities I had never considered. 18 Amazon Retail Leadership Development Program interview questions and 15 interview reviews. A bit about Karen Waksman… Entrepreneur Magazine featured Karen as the ‘Ask the Pro‘ expert on the subject of Getting Your Product Sold at Retail. She was very upfront with her suggestions and provided me the feedback that I needed to go to print. Rocco & Roxie Supply Co – Retail MBA Review Success Story – They Got Their Products into 1560 Petsmart Stores, Walmart, and Costco! 5,709 Shell reviews. About RetailMBA, Inc. Retail MBA was founded by Karen Waksman. “Karen and her information are an invaluable resource for any entrepreneur trying to get their product into the retail world. Retail MBA Is the most comprehensive training program available today on how to get your products on the shelves of chain store retailers.Retail MBA was developed by Retail Sales Expert Karen Waksman. 5.0 out of 5 stars Thumbs up, and great taste of her full Retail MBA program. Your email address will not be published. Master of Business Administration [MBA] (Retail Management) is a postgraduate course in management. Karen’s snapshot of the retail matrix is an absolute winner! Hopefully, you will return to our group once a year. But now I am incredibly inspired, and after reading her infomation I know I’ll feel prepared enough to jump right in and join the big shots!”, – Kristin Rose, PhD, Founder, Rose Edge LLC, “The information in Karen’s course is really powerful! If you have a great product that you think would be perfect for Walmart or Macy’s, Home Depot, Kroger grocery store, or whatever it is for you, we’re covering the five things to think about when you’re pitching them and when you’re reaching out to them with your physical product. I highly recommend this information!”, – Ray Tom, President Winning Goal Products, LLC, “I have taken dozens of classes and seminars – all in an effort to grow my business. I highly recommend her information. Retail MBA. If you are a product inventor, a novice seller of new products, or a veteran sales rep who needs to boost your performance, Retail MBA is for you. The Retail MBA program is taught by Karen Waksman. I haven’t touched that ever since. Karen teaches you how to structure your retail sales strategy. Your information is priceless.”. The salary for professionals who have an MBA in Retail Management is as follows: After pursuing an MBA in Retail Management, the average salary offered to candidates usually lies between Rs.4 lakhs - Rs.7 lakhs per annum. Learn More. She has all the insiders information you’ll need to know to make it happen….and it is a lot easier than you think. Ace Hardware Vendor – How to Sell to Ace Hardware and Become an Ace Hardware Vendor! is for digital hustlers, industry leaders and online business owners. Karen Waksman, Founder and CEO of Retail MBA, is a Manufacturer’s Rep turned Author, Speaker and Consultant. “Although our management team consists of experienced business professionals, we did not have much first hand experience in dealing with buyers in our industry and understanding their expectations. It was the best way I could imagine to start off the quarter.”, – Rick Reis, Stanford University Professor, “You are really inspiring me. The buyer said: “It looks like you have everything we need, we would like your product in our brick and mortar as well as online. I became a full-time internet Entrepreneur in 2014 through lead generation. You find out how to hire your first manufacturer’s rep. You’ll need to know this as your business will start to boom and you will need employees. Karen is an expert in this subject and it showed in the quality of her presentation and in her answers to the many questions raised from the audience. She even goes into logistics and warehousing, infrastructure, operations, and marketing. Rocco & Roxie Co. How to Sell a Product to Wal-Mart or Any Other Chain Store Retailer. Yet, Karen has the inside track on how retail buyers think and how to leverage that insight into retail distribution gold. Do you have a product that is perfect for retailers such as…. Do you have a product that is perfect for Ace Hardware Vendor? So thank you! I'm passionate about exploring the best ways to make money online. I have gone through 8 online Modules so far. Karen’s easy to read, friendly style gives you the confidence to go about selling your product the right way. She has sold millions of consumer products to the world’s largest retailers and now dedicates her time to teaching Entrepreneurs how to market and sell their products to Major Retailers, Online Retailers, Catalogs and Small Retailers, too! “If I had to describe Karen Waksman’s information in one word it would be Revolutionary! She’s received 5 Star Ratings from her students who specifically commented on Ms Waksman’s knowledge of the topic; her ability to explain the concepts clearly to entrepreneurs; and their impression of her being approachable. Many attendees told me that they thought your talk was was very informative. – Pat Horacek, CEO of Cypress Sports Applications. “It was great having you back speaking at INPEX! I've also created 6-figure businesses with Amazon FBA, Shopify Dropshipping & Affiliate Marketing. I would highly recommend listening to her at a lecture…..buying her information….reading her material on the web…or any other way you can expose yourself to the information she shares…DO IT!…it’s priceless!”, “Crossing the chasm from online sales into the retail market can be a perilous and confusing process. I am so happy with the content, you have me so excited. One of the hardest things to do in business! While we were not surprised, she was again an enormous hit, and we definitely look forward to working with her as much as possible in the future.”, – Deb Kassoff, Consumer Electronics Association, “Karen Waksman gave an outstanding talk on “Selling Your Inventions to Retailers,” in my Stanford University graduate mechanical engineering course called the Design and Manufacturing Forum. A gold mine. I found Karen to be extremely knowledgeable and professional.”, – Vicky Reinke, Owner – Final Touch by Design, “Karen’s course was great! Required fields are marked, Name *, Email *. That’s why Karen shares her pitch hacks and how they can work for you to sell to any kind of buyer. Thank you!”, “Karen’s information is a step-by-step, practical way to find and approach buyers at large retail chains. I've invested in numerous courses which I've done reviews of on this site.

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