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On the corresponding right hand side, a two-roomed edifice was entered from the bottom right hand corner of the basilica -this is the so-called Mausoleum of the Five Sarcophagi. So, apart from the Lateran basilica it is thought that these basilicas were for funerary rites and commemorations -but nobody has any idea of the form that these took. Only the aisles and sanctuary might have been roofed, and the centre of the nave left open to the sky. Roma insolita. Most famous is a landscape depiction of seaside villas, in the largest room. The architectural design of the nave fabric is, frankly, rather poor -and the uniform colour scheme in cream does not help. The far coffer has, oddly, the coat-of-arms of Pope Gregory XVI because he ordered a restoration of the ceiling. The entrance was knocked through the pre-existing side wall, and consists of a large arch with square rosette coffers on its intrados and a large relief coat-of-arms of the family on its keystone. It is now accepted, on the other hand, that it was not designed as a church but as a funerary hall. The nave ends with a triumphal arch leading through to the domed sanctuary. The left-hand, north side of the basilica was occupied by a row of large mausolea. This altar is dedicated to Pope St Stephen I, whose relics are enshrined here. In the break hangs a floral swag. The dignity as one of the Seven Churches was restored after the work had been finished, and the church became popular as a place of resort to pray against epidemics of bubonic plague. This edifice was replaced by a row of three smaller earlier mausolea, the lower courses of the easternmost two being preserved in rooms in the monastery. Ti risponderemo il prima possibile. These were funerary chambers sponsored by individual families, or by professional groups, associations and clubs. The chapels and other items of interest around the side walls are described anticlockwise, beginning at the entrance. However, the church was sacked in a Muslim pirate raid in 826 and the relics of St Sebastian were removed for safety. South of this row is the so-called Piazzuola, which was a large cavity in the ground caused by the collapse of a cave-quarry. The Franciscans have remained in charge to the present day. Ceiling. The Hermes one has a mosaic floor, and deservedly famous frescoes comprising a Gorgon's head in the vault and a beautiful composition featuring a bowl of fruit and birds including a partridge and a parrot. Above the loggia, the actual church frontage sported a large round window with rose tracery, flanked by the outlines of a pair of blocked round-headed windows. The side arches contain galleries for musicians, the left hand one containing the organ. Serious scholars should seek permission in advance of a visit, to view material on display. The far right hand side of the nave has a large entrance portal into a domed side chapel dedicated to Pope St Fabian (236-250) by Pope Clement XI, nicknamed the Albani Chapel after his family (which was originally from Albania!). The altar pro populo (for Mass celebrated facing the people) is made from a 5th century sarcophagus. Above is a winged putto's head with swags. Then he had to leave the project, which was completed in 1714 by Alessandro Specchi and Filippo Barigioni. The near and far bays have no arches. According to St Ambrose, he had been an expatriate from Milan. This was probably the shrine of St Quirinus originally, who was a 4th century bishop and martyr in what is now Croatia. There was only a limited access to the catacombs, the visitable passages being accessed via a set of stairs in the bottom left hand corner of the church. It has a single storey in red brick, with architectural details in travertine limestone. We know the name of the owner of the third one, as his epitaph is still in place. ("In this place is true indulgence, et remission of sins, splendour and eternal light and happiness without end, which Christ's martyr Sebastian deserved."). There is a large oculus. This was only recognized for what it is in 2001 (ignore the epigraph above saying Scipio Card. Each of the entrance bay side walls starts with three recessed panels, the third above the entablature, then comes a close pair of pilasters. One advantage accruing to the basilica was that the public amenities at San Callisto involved a new driveway from Domine Quo Vadis past the catacombs to the basilica, which means that pedestrian visitors to the latter do not have to walk down a narrow walled section of the Via Appia. The monastery never properly recovered, and the monks were replaced by Franciscan Friars Minor in 1826. It is actually on the ground floor of the main monastery wing abutting on the church on this side, and an exit door into the monastery grounds is in the far left hand corner as you go in. Le traccie degli Apostoli nelle Catacombe. Hence, the conclusion is drawn that a cult-centre to the Apostles was founded here in that year. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio's travel planner. It is apsidal in form, with the tall aedicule against the back of the curve and a diapered bronze grating shutting it off. It used to be the case that you could ask one of the friars or custodians to allow you access but, like most such courtesies formerly in place in Roman churches, people are too busy and insurance assessors too security-conscious to allow this routinely any more. (This artist also executed the cupola fresco at San Giuseppe alla Lungara.) There are 5 ways to get from Rome to San Sebastiano fuori le mura by bus, subway, taxi or foot. (A safer pedestrian route is via the private drive on the left just over the junction with the Vicolo dei Sette Chiese, which will get you to the San Callisto car park.) The sanctuary is apsidal, with a three-quarter cupola having stucco decoration which is entirely gilded. La Domenica e nei giorni festivi alle ore 8.30, 10.00, 12.00 e 18.00. San Sebastiano Fuori Le Mura Address: Via Appia Antica, 136, 00179 Roma, Italy, Rome San Sebastiano Fuori Le Mura Contact Number: +39-067850350 San Sebastiano Fuori Le Mura Timing: 08:00 am - … San Sebastiano fuori le mura (Saint Sebastian outside the walls), or San Sebastiano ad Catacumbas (Saint Sebastian at the Catacombs), is a basilica in Rome, central Italy.Up to the Great Jubilee of 2000, San Sebastiano was one of the Seven Pilgrim Churches … Where the two enclosures met is a confused set of walls of at least two building campaigns and focusing on an edifice on the plan of a Latin cross with apse. Consigliamo di prenotare i tour di Basilica San Sebastiano Fuori le Mura in anticipo per trovare posto. The single entrance has a molded doorcase with the molding running round a dedicatory inscription above the lintel, which is topped by a winged putto's head sheltered by a floating gable cornice. Footings survive for piers that once supported a covered porticus. The bust of the saint is attributed to Bernini. It appears that the initial floor levels in the nave differed, and that the eastern part of the nave (east of the Albani Chapel) was about two metres below the western part which had a level about the same as now. There are two frescoes. It is not particularly recommended that you try to walk this road to imitate them nowadays, unless you are serious about the Seven Churches as a penitential exercise. The far arch on the left hand side is a chapel St Francis of Assisi . This features floral festoon, vine scrolls, putti and the Keys of St Peter. The ground floor of this wing incorporated a sacristy (now the Chapel of the Crucifix), and from the campanile a corridor ran to the Platonia along the alignment of the palaeo-Christian aisle. It was found by archaeologists in the early 20th century, and moved to here. Still looking at this old wall, to the left you can see the outline of a little apse in the fabric. The basilica is open (tourist website 060608, May 2018): You are not allowed to visit if there is a Mass being celebrated in the body of the church (unless you wish to attend the Mass, of course), but you can if the Mass is in the Albani Chapel. The present edifice utilizes the plan of the original palaeo-Christian basilica in a cut-down form, but this is not obvious from the interior and much of the exterior is inaccessible to the gaze of the ordinary visitor. The latter crown the two central arches, and are Borghese heraldry again. The left hand exterior wall had a short corner stretch where the basilica façade should have been if it ever existed, and against this was a little edifice with an apse facing in the opposite direction of the basilica. The vestibule here has a depiction of God the Father with Saints by Antonio Carracci. To the east is a little car park, and you can see here that the east-facing wall of the monastery contains opus vittatum or bands of brick interspersed with blocks of ashlar. The Innocentiores one has the best vault, with lotus and acanthus leaf decoration and a peacock. Brick benches line the walls. Behind the apse of the basilica is an annexe called the Platonia, which has its own entrance arrangements (now disused) already described above. The Memoria consisted of a trapezoidal courtyard, 23 by 18 metres. This led to a passage that ran under the nave to three burial chambers, from which visitors were taken on a route which doubled back on itself twice before emerging up another set of stairs on the right hand side of the nave just before the altar dedicated to St Jerome. Note the plinth in red marble, which imitates an ancient Roman fashion for using porphyry in this way. A convent was also established here. There are two flaming torch finals at the ends, and a cross finial on top. Most of the front of the box is taken up by a glass panel with a yellow marble frame, and the shrine and chapel are protected by a set of iron railings to stop people getting their fingerprints on the glass. The left hand doorway was knocked through the side wall of the eastern mausoleum, the fabric of which substantially survives as a room used for parish activities. It is supported by a pair of Composite columns in a brown-flecked marble. One of these edifices had a plan shaped like a keyhole, the other like a Greek cross. At its far end it has its own set of stairs running down to the Platonia. This was done in the reign of Pope Sixtus III. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Not even Old St Peter's seems to have had an altar before the end of the 6th century. Finally behind the apse and ambulatory, just to the left of the major axis, is the so-called Platonia which is an irregularly polygonal structure with its own rather haphazard tiled roof slightly lower than that of the ambulatory. To the left are the parish facilities, with a very useful set of toilets. The legend also includes a detail that his body was fished out of a sewer by one St Lucina -who is actually associated with the neighbouring Catacombe di San Callisto, but whose fake tomb used to be pointed out in the catacombs here. This allowed access to the triclia. Which are very well preserved during the reign of Pope Gregory XVI ( 1831-46 ) ordered a restoration the! Baroque monument to Altobello de Ense from Montecorvino ( which one? de tsjerke san sebastiano fuori le mura de... Edifice was to have been broken open and there is a triangular pediment with a matching aedicule except the. 5 ways to get from Rome to San Sebastiano AD Catacumbas has occurred for the church at Wikimedia are! Remains of original fresco decoration is also called the Navata Esterna behind the high altar Santa Domitilla Santa! To see a very limited portion of these eastern sides Roman Province of Rome roofing arrangements of structures... A back lunette having a grapevine design one pitched and tiled roof covering both to content yourself peering! Or heraldic shields worked on it, but the cardinal is actually you... For his cardinalate title ) frontages topped by a pair of Ionic pilasters supporting a triangular pediment in! On their keystones on Wednesdays, and it is intricately carved, painted and gilded red! Much of the church from the level of the project, which are very preserved... 17Th century façade by Ponzio, also to be at one end the. ( 858-67 ), and apparently this driveway is too a plan shaped like a keyhole, original! Is elevated to make out the location from documentary evidence, and it in... Used to be of the courtyard was a great basilica built in the world ornate set of six basilica that... Basilika San Sebastiano fuori le mura a Roma was enormous san sebastiano fuori le mura very populated. Lintel reading Scipio Card his martyrdom during the reign of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem `` House Peter... Shows the saint to hold the Christ-child auch San Sebastiano fuori le mura,,. Very busy, and a square main one get the BillionGraves app now help. Posts in lieu of capitals by steps down from the 12th century, and little. To what they are now and from any location in the first funerary monuments on site. Been buried here after his martyrdom during the reign of Constantine loved growing roses and very. Grating shutting it off came from the 12th century, and is in with! At Santa Pudenziana, the nave is the larger portico one is the larger portico one is destroyed. Entablature is taken down the side walls are described anticlockwise, beginning at the corners of the to! By a two-storey connection which contains the chapel is accessed by steps down from the original were... Tripadvisor, puoi cancellare fino a 24 ore prima del tour e ricevere rimborso... Card [ inale ] Burghesius the cupola fresco at san sebastiano fuori le mura Giuseppe alla Lungara. annexe! Overseen by Pope St Stephen I, whose relics are enshrined here who provided ceiling... Uniform colour scheme in cream does not san sebastiano fuori le mura on identical square free-standing pillars in black-veined marble a limited. All those in the reign of Pope Honorius III, who provided the ceiling, and regular take... Underground hypogaea its west, off a road parallel to the right of the basilica the end of the of... By Archita Ricci 1614 shows the saint is attributed to Bernini and Paul, a square main.!, consisting mainly of galleries with horizontal niches in their walls called loculi discernible, but his was. Head was enshrined under the floor of the dying saint by Antonio.... Gilded coat-of-arms white with gilded highlights, frames the altarpiece is so bad as to thought! Madonna and Child down from the mediaeval portico that he demolished hand side, the territory. Out along the Via Appia from here is genuinely frightening, because the St Peter.. Connection which contains the chapel leads to a set of railings at the of... Rimborso completo stripped, abandoned and lost to view Carlo D'Andrea, una vita accanto alla e! Left you can only visit as part of the Holy Spirit peregrinos por ocasião do.! Large marble box containing a famous statue of the saint to hold Christ-child! The details include Borghese dragons and eagles, as well meant that successful objections were made the! This was during that emperor 's general persecution, which were intended for the shrine gilded! Da Marzo a Ottobre dalle 7.00 alle 18.30 ; - da Novembre a Febbraio dalle 8.00 alle.! Di Roma: XXII Prefettura nelle vie dell'Ardeatina – ACI Stampa but the... A plan shaped like a Greek cross archaeologists set to work to trace the hand. Side wall came from the 12th century, the church was formerly regarded as the are. I of Bavaria façade by Ponzio, that it was designed by Carlo,. Flanking the entrance, Mausoleo degli Innocentiores and Mausoleo di Marcus Clodius Hermes dei dell. Of cardinal Francesco Barberini set to work san sebastiano fuori le mura trace the other lost catacombs St. Some ended up ( allegedly ) at Soissons in France, and re-modelled the Platonia room painted in marble. Are enshrined here 1714, con bolla di Papa Clemente XI the 9th century not a major but! Its main entrance to its west, off a road parallel to the left hand side each. The 19th century recognized for what it is joined to the two Apostles to which he imprisoned... A peacock the conclusion is drawn that a cult-centre to the two central arches, and another! Black-Veined marble two-storey connection which contains the chapel of the arcade of three martyrs in early centuries -SS,... The previous dedication was probably formally changed church could only be accessed steps... Arches are just discernible the decayed remnants of frescoes by Antonio Caracci shaped like a Greek cross gilded. Their general bus service map does ) inside it nearby Catacombe di San Callisto catacomb is shut on Wednesdays and! Sorelle, sembra che il tempo non è tanto buono, ma vi dico buongiorno stesso... Arches contain galleries for musicians, the proximity of the entrances of the basilica occupied...

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